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Sep 14, 2011 11:00am EDT
to the west and in southern ohio, indiana, a few showers. a little bit of thunder and that's ahead of a front that is approaching us by the evening and into tomorrow. right now the temperatures have climbed to 80 degrees throughout most of the region. it's at 78 at reagan national. sunshine and for the afternoon we have clouds drifting over and quite a bit of sunshine a warm day feeling again like summertime. mid- and upper 80s. and then this evening our sunset will be at 7:18 and a possibility of a few passing showers and thundershowers from time to time during the evening. 80 in early evening and then low 70s by late evening. a look at big changes on the way as we get into friday and the weekend. we'll look at that and into next week. that is in a couple of minutes. an astonishing satellite image to show you of the chesapeake bay. we'll show you that coming up. barbara? >> thank you, tom. >>> well, today the flood damaged ramp that connects the fairfax county parkway will be reopened. according to the washington post, it will be reopened in time for the afternoon rush hour. it was d
Sep 9, 2011 11:00am EDT
storm lee are stuck in place to our west, over kentucky and ohio and indiana, and it's stacked deep into the atmosphere and continuing to spin away and continuing to bring in clouds for us and some occasional showers. right now, reagan national is just downriver from this drippy live scene from our city camera. it's 72 there. and there's a light east wind with some light rain there right now. and as we look at the latest flood warnings, we've had now fewer counties under flood warnings. these include now in southern maryland, charles, st. mary's, parts of extreme eastern prince george's county and parts of anne arundell and calvert, where the creeks and streams there are still out of their banks. also montgomery and frederick county in maryland have some of the major rivers like the ma knocksy and seneca creek near or above flood stage. here's the latest radar. over the last hour, we've had one really heavy downpour. where you see the pockets of orange in annapolis and anne arundell county, that's advancing to the north. we have other areas of light rain in fairfax county, in montgo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2